Apr 14, 2013

# 28: Birthday Shout Out To Le Bestie ♥

Happy Birthday Baby,
Hey guess what, I never forget about your birthday. I know I wish it a bit late but I'm trying my best to post it on my blog. Hehe so that u will know how much I appreciate u as my friend. Thank u for always being there for me during good times and bad times. From the start we knew each other. Now, can u tell me for how long do we stay friends until now? I forgot about it already. Tapi lama lah juga kan. :) Dari hari ke hari nak lepak sama sama having our times like we used too adoii. Bila lah lagi. :( But anyways, stay pretty and sweet baby. I love u Nadhirah Akmal. See u in MSU!! Have a blast sweet 19!